Jun. 29, 2021

TOWANDA – Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna) spoke with county commissioners in the 110th Legislative District about the Pennsylvania Voting Rights Protection Act (House Bill 1330) which was passed by the General Assembly last week and sent to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature. The comprehensive election reform measure is designed to improve the security, integrity and accessibility of all future elections in the Commonwealth.

“During my discussions with the commissioners from Bradford, Sullivan and Susquehanna counties, we talked about working together toward the common goal of restoring faith in our elections through the reforms included in House Bill 1300 that were suggested by county election officials statewide,” said Pickett. “From providing funding for county election operations to ensuring an accurate ballot count, the legislation approved by the General Assembly addresses the major concerns expressed during a series of committee hearings earlier this year.”

Pickett noted the proposal would provide help to counties by restoring the voter registration deadline to 30 days before an election and the deadline to request a ballot to 15 days prior. The bill would allow mail-in ballots to be counted starting five days before an election, which was another county request. It would also allocate over $100 million in state funding for county election administration and equipment.

“House Bill 1300 attempts to improve election processes and procedures within our Commonwealth,” said Bradford County Board of Commissioners Chairman Daryl Miller. “I support improvements to our election process which the bill attempts to address by ensuring the accuracy and security of our elections. Determining voter eligibility through proof of identification and the ability to provide a mechanism of audit for cast ballots corresponding with poll book signatures and absentee ballot request forms are, in my opinion, sure steps in returning confidence to our elections.”

Pickett is encouraging the governor to sign the bill into law.

Representative Tina Pickett
110th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Andy Briggs
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