Jul. 07, 2022

HARRISBURG – Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna) today joined a bipartisan majority of her House colleagues in passing the 2022-23 state budget bill. The $42.8 billion spending plan increases education funding to an all-time high while making a $2 billion deposit into Pennsylvania’s Rainy Day Fund to help offset the impact of future economic downturns.

“This budget addresses many of the Commonwealth’s needs, and it also sets some new directions,” said Pickett. “The spending we approved that makes a difference in the communities I represent includes an even greater investment in educating our children and enhanced health care for our seniors. It also provides a one-time increase in property tax and rent rebates for older residents, which has been a quest of mine for some time. With inflation out of control, this will help to prevent them from losing their homes. Another significant concern is the financial struggles of our rural ambulance companies. This budget will provide meaningful increases in their reimbursements for service and mileage.”

Pickett noted that Pennsylvania’s public, charter and private schools will share a record high allocation of $15 billion for PreK-12 education. This record investment should allow school districts to keep property taxes low.

School districts within the 110th Legislative District are allocated the following amounts of basic education funding:
• Athens Area – $13.1 million, a funding increase of $866,758 (6.5%).
• Canton Area – $7.7 million, a funding increase of $285,463 (3.7 %).
• Elk Lake – $7.2 million, a funding increase of $225,443 (3.1%).
• Montrose Area – $8.1 million, a funding increase of $288,738 (3.5%).
• Mountain View – $5.6 million, a funding increase of $150,179 (2.6%).
• Northeast Bradford – $6.2 million, a funding increase of $138,097 (2.2%).
• Sayre Area – $7.2 million, a funding increase of $730,845 (10.1%).
• Sullivan County – $3.2 million, a funding increase of $260,267 (8.1%).
• Towanda Area – $8.3 million, a funding increase of $808,426 (9.6%).
• Troy Area – $10.1 million, a funding increase of $524,957 (5.2%).
• Wyalusing Area – $7.6 million, a funding increase of $403,033 (5.2%).

The spending plan also reduces the state’s Corporate Net Income Tax (CNIT), which currently stands as the second highest in the nation, stifling economic growth.

“After many years of working to accomplish it, we are cutting the CNIT and making Pennsylvania competitive again and an attractive place to locate a business,” added Pickett. “Creating economic activity and the good, family-sustaining jobs that go with it are the driving force for everything.”

Additional information about the 2022-23 state budget is available at pahousegop.com/statebudget.

To view or download a broadcast-quality video of Pickett’s budget comments, visit here.

Representative Tina Pickett
110th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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