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Pickett Supports Business Tax Restructuring Bill Introduced to Help Create Jobs

Rep. Tina Pickett joined a bipartisan coalition to announce legislation that seeks to reform the way business taxes are calculated in Pennsylvania. At the podium is Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana). 

HARRISBURG – In an effort to help employers create and keep jobs in Pennsylvania, Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna) this week applauded an effort to restructure business taxes in Pennsylvania.

“This proposal will allow Pennsylvania to improve its reputation when it comes to job competitiveness,” said Pickett. “So many studies and reports have cited our complicated and unfriendly tax structure as a main reason why business and industry are discouraged from making Pennsylvania their home. This legislation will change that and ultimately lead to a better environment for job creators.”

Pickett has co-sponsored legislation, House Bill 2150, to close the Delaware Loophole, a situation in which large industries establish a subsidiary in the state of Delaware and avoid or pay reduced Pennsylvania taxes. Instead, those companies that use the loophole would be assessed an expense add-back provision which already is used in 23 states. This change will allow for additional business tax reforms, including the gradual reduction in one tax and the way other taxes are calculated.

Specifically, House Bill 2150 would: 

        • Implement a single-sales factor. This would effectively eliminate the state’s “jobs tax” 
          so that a company’s CNI Tax liability would be calculated solely based on sales. 
          Under the current system, the CNI Tax is assessed based on a formula that 
          encompasses a company’s sales, property and payroll. 
        • Reduce the CNI Tax. This would be reduced from the current rate of 9.99 percent to 
          6.99 percent over six years, a drop of 0.5 percent annually. 
        • Phase out the Net Operating Loss (NOL) cap. This would phase out, over nine years, 
          the NOL carry forward that would help promote business investment and growth. 
          Pennsylvania is one of only two states that currently limits the NOL carry forward.

“This legislation will level the playing field and remove unfair advantages for some large corporations that use the loophole,” Pickett explained. “However, our long-term goal is to see the private sector succeed by attracting new industries, expanding their operations and creating jobs, and that, in turn, will strengthen the existing tax base.”

State Representative Tina Pickett
110th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Jennifer Keaton
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