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Pickett Says Governor’s Proposal Starts 2012-13 Budget Process
HARRISBURG – Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna) said today that the governor’s budget proposal, which he presented in Harrisburg today, stays within the revenues that are expected to be available for the next fiscal year.

“The most difficult part about crafting this budget was calculating revenue projections,” said Pickett, a member of the House Appropriations Committee. “While there are some positive indications that the economy is improving, we haven’t seen it come through in terms of increased state revenues. That means we need to do all we can to limit spending but fund our core functions.”

Overall, the $27.1 billion state budget proposal seeks to keep many programs at the same level of funding as last year, with some reductions to others.

Pickett said that the budget should rightfully focus on helping those who truly need assistance by focusing on the core functions of government.

“One of the best ways we can improve our revenue situation and help Pennsylvania prosper is not by taxing hard-working families who are already tapped out, but to strengthen our base by improving conditions for job creators,” she continued.

As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Pickett will participate in a series of public hearings on the budget proposal. Those hearings, which begin on Feb. 21, will involve the committee asking tough questions of the leaders of state agencies and departments in order to examine every line item and serve as a basis for legislative negotiations on the final 2012-13 budget, expected in June.

State Representative Tina Pickett
110th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Jennifer Keaton
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