Pickett Supports House Republican Budget Plan

Proposal seeks to increase funding for education, public safety

HARRISBURG – Continuing the commitment to a responsible, on-time state budget, Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna) today said that a plan unveiled by the House Republican Caucus this week seeks to increase funding for public education while addressing needs for public safety, health and human services.

“As a former member of the House Appropriations Committee, I know firsthand how difficult crafting a budget can be, especially in terms of stretching every dollar to its maximum use, and the task for this year’s budget is no different,” said Pickett. “The budget plan put forth by my colleagues sets a responsible framework to fund many of the core functions of government – from education and public safety, and to job creation and health and human services – and does not increase any taxes.”

The budget proposal represents a 2.1 percent increase over the current fiscal year but is less than the plan unveiled by Gov. Tom Corbett in February. In total, the $28.3 billion plan would invest more than $10 billion in all elements of education – K-12, special education, early childhood programs, block grants, career and technical education, and colleges and universities.

An additional $4 million is slated, under the plan, for county conservation districts. More funding is being proposed for health and human services, agriculture, environmental protection, public safety through the hiring of 300 more state troopers, and job creation efforts.

“Although this will not be the final budget and much negotiation continues at the state Capitol, this plan represents our priorities to move Pennsylvania forward and put us back on a path of fiscal responsibility,” Pickett said.

House Bill 1437, which was unveiled on May 29, is expected to be voted by the House Appropriations Committee on June 3, with additional floor action in early June and a final budget product expected for complete passage by the June 30 deadline. Full details of the House Republican proposal are online at Pickett’s website at www.RepPickett.com.

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